General bill of materials

For the Bergfotron modules I try to use standard, readily available parts as much as possible. Therefore, I see no sense in producing a separate bill of materials for each module. Instead, I have compiled this list of parts that you should have access to. These are the parts that I consider essential for any synth DIY and you will need them sooner or later. It's a good idea to have a supply of these parts in your hobby room / workshop.
Some modules will need parts that are not on this list. These special parts are listed in the instructions for each module (only for the AMORE system).


TL062 Dual op-amp, low power
TL072 Dual op-amp
MC4558 Dual op-amp, slow
TL064 Quad op-amp, low power
TL074 Quad op-amp
LM393 Dual comparator

CD4011 Quad NAND gate
CD4013 Dual D-type flip-flop
CD4051 8-way analog switch
CD4053 Triple 2-way analog switch
CD4066 Quad analog switch
CD4584 Hex Schmitt trigger

CA3080 Operational transconductance amp
LM13600 or 13700 Dual operational transconductance amp
The above OTA ICs can be somewhat difficult to find. The LM13700 can be used instead of the LM13600. Both of these and the CA3080 are still available from specialist suppliers. One of them is Das Musikding in Germany. They are not expensive, so buy some extra for future modules while you're ordering!

CA3046 Transistor array
BC550C Small signal NPN transistor (marked TUN in component placement plans)
BC560C Small signal PNP transistor (marked TUP in component placement plans)
BF245A (or equivalent) Universal N-channel FET
2N4391 (or equivalent) Fast, low Rds N-channel FET. The J112 and the 2N5485 work well too.
2N7000 N-channel MOSFET
1N4148 Small signal diode (marked DUS in component placement plans)
1N4002 Power diode


1 % metal film resistors. The new 0,4 watt types are preferable, as they are smaller and cheaper too. 0,6 watt types will do too. You need the entire E24-series from 100 ohms to 1 megaohms. Above and below that, the E12 series will do. Buy a belt of 100 for every resistor value you need for the project that you're currently working at. In that way, you will eventually have the entire series but don't have to buy them all at the same time.


Horizontal cermet trimpots with 100 ohms, 1 kohm, 10 kohm, 100 kohm
Vertical 15 turn cermet trimpots with 1 kohm, 10 kohm, 100 kohm


Ceramic caps 4.7 pF, 10 pF, 15 pF, 22 pF, 33 pF, 47 pF.
Polypropylene caps are preferred in the range 100 pF to 33 nF.
Polyester caps from 47 nF to 1 µF.
Tantalum electrolytics from 2.2 µF to 47 µF.
Ordinary electrolytics from 100 µF and up.


3S1 ferrite beads (5 x 10 mm) for HF noise suppression.
2 x 20 pin angled circuit board connector (2,54 mm pitch).

Latest update 2011-10-10